Highly Sensitive People by Mel Collins 

Have you been told repeatedly that you are too sensitive, that you should stop taking things to heart or you need to toughen up? If so, you might be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).   

Statistically, one in five people is born with the trait of high sensitivity. That’s approximately 1.4 billion people globally. Yet there is a lack of awareness of this trait, which leaves too many HSPs struggling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with being highly sensitive in a non-sensitive world.  


What is high sensitivity? 

This innate temperament trait is also known as sensory processing sensitivity, because of the depth of sensory, environmental and information processing that happens within the biological nervous systems and brains of Highly Sensitive People.  


What are the main indicators of the HSP trait?  

*HSPs experience their emotions more deeply and intensely than non-HSPs and they process them for longer.  

*They have high levels of empathy, are extremely compassionate and deeply reflective. 

*They pick up on subtleties that others are not aware of.  

*They also get affected by environmental and sensory stimuli that others don’t notice or are simply not bothered by. For HSPs, crowds, too much noise, bright or unnatural lighting, or EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from things like computers, mobile phones and Wi-Fi can affect their sensory nervous systems and lead to overstimulation. And if there is too much stimulation, overarousal occurs and HSPs often end up feeling overwhelmed or frazzled.  


Other common traits of HSPs: 

They are highly conscientious and take longer to make decisions due to any possible consequences.  

They give great attention to detail or could be considered perfectionists.  

They can be acutely sensitive to caffeine, strong smells or prescribed medications and they can struggle with food intolerances or allergies. 

 They have great listening abilities. 

They know when people aren’t telling the truth.  

They can always see the ‘bigger picture’. 

They are deeply concerned about social injustice and tend to fight for the underdog. 

They are affected by environmental issues and feel deep pain caused by the destruction that humans are doing to the planet.  


A mind, body, spirit perspective on being a highly SENSE-itive person:                                                                                 

In addition to the above, it appears that HSPs have enhanced intuitive abilities and these are more finely attuned to their other senses: the ability to feel, hear, see, touch and smell. Other common aspects include:  

Being highly creative or artistic and/or being passionate about the arts.  

Having vivid or prophetic dreams.  

They have a humanitarian calling.  

They have a strong affinity to animals, nature or crystals.  

They see spirituality or a faith-based religion as a fundamental part of their life.  

And they have a belief in the unseen world, such as angels or spirit guides, and/or have psychic experiences.  

They have natural healing abilities. 


HSPs and energy protection:  

There are times when people instinctively know that they just don’t feel ‘right’. But for people who are highly sensitive, this feeling is more often a consistent one, as they tend to be more vulnerable to other people’s energies and outside influences. The following questions can help you identify if you need energy protection as an HSP:   

 1: Do you often feel ungrounded? 

2: Do certain people or places leave you feeling tired or drained? 

3: Are you a natural ‘Giver’ but give out too much? Or do end up feeling empty with nothing left to give? 

4: Do you meditate or are you naturally psychic/mediumistic? 

5: Do you take on negative feelings from friends or family? Do you end up feeling worse after being with them, whilst they comment they feel better after being with you?  

6: Do you struggle to implement boundaries? 

7: Do you constantly feel guilty and struggle to say No?  


If you are sitting there saying ‘Yep, that’s me!’  then the good news is that implementing a daily energy protection practice will help you to start turning things around and help you thrive in this world again. Energy protection is just one of the topics covered in the HSP workshop at the Birmingham Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival.  


‘Highly Sensitive People and their Soul’s journey’ Workshop - Friday 1st November @ 13:15 - 15:15

Many HSPs are longing for a deeper understanding of their Soul’s journey in this lifetime. So not only does this workshop offer a complete MBS perspective about being an HSP, but it also discusses their soul challenges, past life patterns, soul/life purpose and unique gifts. Participants can also experience guided meditations to access their soul wisdom and connect with the loving presence of Angels.    

If you relate to being an HSP and are ready to embark on a journey of deeper soul awareness and self-empowerment, then Mel will look forward to meeting you on Friday 1st November between 1.15pm and 3.15pm at the NEC.  Tickets can be purchased here; http://bit.ly/MelCollins