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masteryInterview with renowned Inner Peace Expert, author, and founder of The Simplicity of Stillness® Marlise Karlin. Marlise was a teen runaway who became an award winning film producer after overcoming a dramatic childhood of abuse and addiction. When she underwent a series of life altering energetic experiences it shifted her perception and future life purpose.

Tell us a bit about yourself – a little of your background and the one thing you'd love to tell the world? I’m a person like you, who happened to have a colorful past that guided me to an extraordinary discovery; I went from being a teen runaway on drugs to being an award winning film producer to developing a process that transforms people’s lives. In 2001 I experienced an expanded reality that taught me how to access and transmit an Energy stream of infinite intelligence. It shifted my perception of what is possible for each one of us at this unique time in history. 489_marlise_karlin_layered_FINAL3 What brought you to this pivotal moment in your life? Was it a gradual journey or "calling" or something else? I started to understand the mind/body connection when trying to release the anger from my childhood I would get so ill that I often ended up in the hospital. I remember thinking that I would do anything to change my situation, and yet I felt the ability to do this was completely out of my control. It wasn’t. Years later as my life’s journey evolved, I discovered just how misguided these beliefs were. I spent over 20 years studying the mind, body connection, ancient scriptural teachings, healing traditions, and evolutionary science from masters in their respective fields. In 2001 this culminated in a life altering experience that shifted my perception of what is now possible for each of us - to access this infinite intelligence that heals the past, inspires the future, and magnifies our true potential. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing that occurred completely transformed pain and suffering in every area of my life. It ignited a passion in me to develop a method where more people could discover this innate freedom, love and wisdom within themselves. I read that The Simplicity of Stillness® had transformed people from all walks of life; healing professions, busy moms, CEOs and young children. Can you explain more about this method and how it has affected so many? The Simplicity of Stillness activates a ‘super awareness’ within you that naturally transforms your experience of life. In todays busy world we don’t have time to add anything more to our lives, and this work is so enjoyable, it becomes a self-motivating practice. It is a simple, effective, cohesive method of higher learning that converges intellectual knowledge with experiential wisdom. There are the three essential tools: 1. Stillness Sessions are words and music that resonate the creative life force Energy through sound frequencies. Simply listening to this distinctly different form of meditation accesses a deep peace and ignites your highest potential. 2. The Three Breath Awareness is a tool for reconnecting to this state of peace within moments. Once that memory has been ignited, you can connect in a breath. 3. The SOS Practices were designed to become conscious habits, to integrate higher awareness into the everyday of life, replacing any limiting patterns that might exist. Combining these three elements entrains continual expansion and renewal—mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your ability to manage life’s many challenges expands along with new qualities of strength, courage and the passion to live the life you’ve been dreaming. Do you have one particularly great story that you would love to share? There are so many fantastic stories of what happens as this power accelerates within them. Here are a few that really touched my heart. A maasai warrior in Kenya who worked at a health clinic, was feeling hopeless that his dreams would never be realized, and when that creative life force ignited, he found the inspiration to develop programs implementing healthy procedures for age old traditions of male circumcision. He sold his property to come to America and study to become balloon Pilot. As the first Maasai to fly the Mara Plains, he uses the money he makes to fund the health clinic and help more of his people. In Vienna, Heike, a single woman had the courage to impact a presidential leader by creating a short film that was shown on National Television, demonstrating his misdeeds. He retracted his visit to the country when his demands to take it off the air were not agreed to. She had become so empowered – when initially her biggest complaint was that she didn’t recognize her own self worth Robert, a former addict and a self-made millionaire in California became inspired to write a book. Although he didn't consider himself a writer, he wrote the book, self published it. The book has inspired thousands of people and helped them to get off drugs. Patrick was a business professional in Amsterdam, who was diagnosed and living with clinical depression. He told me he had lost all meaning for his life, which included his love for his wife and children. What he experienced he described as a radiant peace that began streaming into him, and infused his healing journey into a state of mental well being. Today he has a business that offers people across Europe new ways to become healthier in their lives. I was with a group of people in Bali, Indonesia when confronted by an enraged man. What happened in a matter of minutes amazed all of us, as the man went from this state of anger to peace when connecting to that field of Stillness that pervaded the program. This so astounded all of us, I felt we were being shown that there is nothing that can’t change when this power delivers its message directly to you. What will participants get from your two hour workshop? How will they be able to implement it? Embrace Your Mastery impacts your life in a way that creates lasting change. In today’s busy world what is needed is a way to access higher intelligence, and deep inner peace. It needs to be simple, powerful and experiential. Thousands of people around the world have discovered that ‘super awareness’ ignited through the SOS method is so enjoyable, and so enriching their lives are transformed quite naturally. You learn how to consistently ignite this Energy of infinite intelligence to activate and inspire all of your actions. As it releases limiting patterns from your past, the new conscious habits you acquire develop more clarity, creativity, and wisdom in your life. The processes you learn are so simple kids practice them, yet so profound Buddhist monks, scientists, and business professionals around the world have discovered a deeper connection, greater vitality, prosperity, and love. I have developed EYM to be a multi-media interactive program with music that will spark all your senses. I am so looking forward to meeting you all there. One of your parents was an alcoholic and on your site you talk about healing addiction. What would you say is the best help available for addicts today? Getting to the root of the addiction is what releases the painful grip it can have on you. What the Energy of conscious awareness offers is a way to heal that literally shifts your DNA. As the emotional density in your body dissolves, what opens is the strength and insight of your true essence. When you experience this, you realize what is possible is beyond what we have understood. Who you are is loving, powerful and infinitely intelligent and as that current of awareness flows through you in higher resonance, you express this in the world. Spirituality, changing your life…they sometimes sound like substantial topics. Do you think they are? Your method sounds quite soft and gentle. Is it that simple? Can the inward journey be fun too? Sometimes the outer dance of the world is so enticing, we get lost in it. And then one day we feel empty inside, as we haven’t accessed what gives life meaning and purpose. No matter how much money you have or how much success, without the experience of your true essence, you will never know real joy. Life can be so much fun and filled with so much happiness and appreciation that you literally feel your heart bursting open wider and wider. The simplest moments – like watching a sunset, or seeing a baby laugh contain this when you have reconnected to the source of Stillness. I developed The Simplicity of Stillness method to be gentle and loving, while still incredibly powerful, as I learned more through these energetic experiences than I ever did from anything else. It is my greatest wish that you experience that power within you. I do not want the peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding, which bringeth peace. Helen Keller Come along to Marlin's workshop ''Influence Your Genes to Heal, Empower & Thrive'' on Saturday 12th September from 10.30am -12.30pm and learn how to use a groundbreaking holistic technology that gives soothing relief from stress, rewires your brain and accesses energetic potential – in 5 to 11 minutes a day. This scientifically researched technique influences your genes, benefits your health, and inspires renewed passion. Join the founder and experience a meditation so powerful it works even on an active mind. 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