Interview with Sonia Choquette

Sonia ChoquetteWe are super excited to welcome Sonia Choquette to the London Wellbeing Festival again this year. Sonia is a globally celebrated and dynamic spiritual teacher, six-sensory consultant, enchanting storyteller and transformational visionary guide. Read our interview with her.

Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from, what are three things you absolutely love? I was born in Colorado, the middle child 7, into a very intuitive family. I began doing intuitive readings when I was a teenager and taught my 1st intuitive development class when it was only 15. It has been my passion and purpose ever since. I have written 19 best-selling books, published in over 37 languages worldwide on how to develop your intuition, uplift your spirit, and lead an empowered and creative life. As for 3 things I absolutely love, they are my family, dancing, and freeing the authentic spirit in others. How can we tune into and develop our intuition? Anyone can tune into and develop their intuition because it is natural to all of us. It begins by being honest with yourself, listening to your heart, trusting what you feel, and having the courage to act on it. This is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, listening to your intuition is much easier and more natural than ignoring it. Start by paying attention to your body and listen to the clues you feel, such as a gut feeling, or an inner feeling in your heart that is trying to alert you to something important either about yourself the decisions you’re about to make the people you are around or the general circumstances in your life. Rather than ignore these signals, listen to them. Stop trying to figure things out all the time, and instead allow your heart to have a voice. For example, when you face a challenge and are in need of intuitive guidance, place your hand on your heart and fill in the blank, "My intuition says" and speak your answer quickly and without thinking. You will be surprised to learn you will get an answer if you ask, and one you can trust at that. Try it now and see for yourself. I offer these and many other tools in both my books and workshops to help awaken your intuition to guide you immediately. Sonia Choquette quote How did you first discover your sixth sense and can you share one particular story where using your intuition has helped yourself or/and another out in a profound way? I never actually discovered my 6th sense, per se. Instead I realized at a young age that what was natural to me was so much in other people. Even as a child in grammar school I was often aware of my teacher's plans to give us surprise quizzes, for example, and was able to prepare in advance. In other words, I have always known the advantages of listening to my inner voice. Never having tuned out my intuition I have served as an intuitive guide to others world wide for over 35 years. In my own life, my inner voice has guided me to do intuitive work, teach workshops, write books, and have great world adventures. It has helped me create a beautiful life, as well as helped me create that for others as well. I use my intuitive skills to guide others in business matters, personal relationship matters, health matters; family matters, and even in circumstances of life and death. The most important use of my intuition over the course of my life has been to help others reconnect with their inner voice, so that they may make the best choices and live the most authentic lives possible all the time. When you do this you not only help yourself but you help many others as well. I am devoted to this work for this reason. Do you believe you have a purpose/mission in life and what do you believe you've come to this planet to learn and accomplish? As I said, my mission in life is to empower others, help them reconnect to their intuition, free their authentic spirit, and live up to the highest degree of their creative authentic potential as possible. This has been my mission all my life. I am also very aware that I am a student of life and learn from my clients as well, and do, every single day. I am here to learn to have unconditional love all people, and myself the courage to speak about intuition wherever I go, and to love fully. While I am far from mastering any of these lessons I am very committed to learning them, and love the process. Sonia Choquette Quote What do you feel is the future of our planet and of humanity? In spite of the negativity we are subjected to on a daily basis through the media I personally believe that the future of our planet and humanity is very positive because I believe that people are beginning to remember that we are 6 sensory intuitive and spiritual beings here to each other to love each other, and the planet, and we will. While there are many who are so far behind in this awareness, there is a growing tide of those who are learning this and are committed to the bright future we all desire. I have great confidence in the human race and in the human spirit. If we each listen to our heart and lifts courageously enough to power a day to follow our inner guide we have a great future to look forward to. I am committed to supporting this future every single day of my life. Tell us more about the healing work that you do and do you have one particular story where you have helped to change someone’s life in a positive way? I try to change people’s lives in a positive way every single day. Since I believe that being disconnected from your intuition is the worst amputation a person can suffer, helping others and their intuition is greatly healing. Since choices and decisions that go against our true nature bring about not only emotional stress but also physical stress ignoring your intuition is the greatest cause of disease and depression in most people’s lives. One of my more recent successes was treating a woman who was terribly addicted to meth and had failed to become sober after 3 days in rehabilitation. I helped her contact with her higher self listen to her intuition, and connect with. I her guides, in she is now happily met free, and reconnected with her family and children in a healthy way. Another recent success story is with the claimant client who suffered chronic depression and was unable to hold a job for any length of time over the past 10 years. With the help of my guidance she got in touch with her lost dream of being a writer and wrote and published her 1st book. She is no longer depressed and is a freelance writer working for herself. These are just 2 of many endless stories I can share about the power of reconnecting with your intuition and listening to your heart which is what I do and help other people learn to do every single day. How do you deal with the skeptics out there who have a very scientific approach to life? I don’t concern myself that the sceptics because today’s modern science does not negate the reality and importance of intuition. Those who are sceptical in the year 2014 are living with the science of the Middle Ages. Well-informed well-educated people today recognize that we have both heart and intelligence, left and right brain capabilities, and are connected to a quantum field, making all we need to live in the flow available to us at all times. Those who remain sceptical are out of touch with modern science, which is never a closed subject. I bless all people and know that sooner or later everyone will come to recognize and value the inner voice of their highest intelligence, which lies in their heart as I do and teach. sonia choquette nature quote Tell us more about your 'Trust Your Vibes' Workshops My workshops are greatly empowering, completely practical, and great fun. I help people activate their intuition and put it to use before they leave. My attendees are given tools to overcome their fears, get out of their head, and find the courage to trust their vibes, and live their truth immediately. What can people expect from your workshop 'Your Hearts Desire - Creating the Life You Really Want' at the Mind Body Spirit Festival? It is not going to be a lecture but a joyful experience. Anyone who attends will not be the same person when they need as when they arrived. They will leave with confidence clarity and the power to follow their intuition without a nation. They will also have a really good time. Come and see for yourself. What's the greatest lesson you have learned in your work? That every one of us is beautiful and powerful beyond measure and deeply precious. I also learned not to judge anyone for any reason as we are all students and we are doing the best we can with what we have. It is important to live with an open heart, a good sense of humour, and in alignment with your authentic self. It is also important to forgive and release all things they keep you stuck in the past. This is not to say we ignore our team but rather to have compassion for ourselves so that we might heal from it and grow ourselves. And finally always trust your vibes. What is synchronicity and do you believe that we receive signs along the way to help guide us in the right direction? Synchronicity is a reflection in the outer world of being in harmony with your spirit. Everyone is seeing signs along the way to guys in the right direction for our greatest good. Learning to recognise and give importance to the signs is the work we must do now. I am devoted to teaching everyone that I possibly can, how to receive signs from their higher self and their intuition in a timely fashion so they can make the best vision possible. In learning to accept and believe in our intuition we can be assured of having the most beautiful and fulfilling lives. Sonia is a New York Time's bestselling author, Six sensory transformational teacher, and vibrational healer. Spreading good vibes one person at a time. Find out more about Sonia on her website. Sonia's workshop at the London Wellbeing Festival has sold out!