Secrets of Abundance: How to manifest your ideal life with the Law of Attraction by Michael James

Secrets of Abundance: How to manifest your ideal life with the Law of Attraction by Michael James.

The word manifest literally means to reveal. In my workshop Secrets of Abundance- happening on Monday 27th May as part of the Mind Body Spirit Festival - you will learn how to reveal your ideal life that waits for you right in this moment; practical teachings for more wealth, health and happiness.

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Secret #1: We get what we are, not what we want

We are a lot closer to our dreams than we realise. There’s an abundance of good relationships, better sex, more money, ideal career and interests, optimal health (and whatever else it is we are looking for) all around us - even if it doesn't always feel that way.

The thing is, most people see all these things as something to “get”, at another time in the future or in another place. We think we have to do a lot in order to make what we want happen:  go somewhere else, change ourselves, improve ourselves. But this isn’t accurate. What we want is right here now, veiled by our own thinking like a snowstorm in a snow globe.

The belief that we haven’t got what we want is one of the main beliefs that keeps what we want away, like an endless carrot on a stick. This is the negative aspect of desire that certain spiritual traditions warn about. People don’t realise that we attract what we are, not what we want. So these endless thoughts of wanting and “trying to create” can actually be what’s stopping us from manifesting what we want. Any time we are doing a technique in an attempt to make something happen - which is what the majority of people working with the Law of Attraction are doing -  it’s like we are saying to life that we haven’t got it but we want it and Life just mirrors back that state of dissatisfaction.  I have seen people with bookshelves full of books about how to attract their soulmate -  and they feel more single than ever with little success in their love life.

When working with the Law of Attraction, people find it easier to manifest traffic lights turning green and a good parking space because they don’t really care about traffic lights or parking spaces; they don’t need them so much. At least not to the same degree they feel they need things like a romantic relationship. The key is to give ourselves that which we are looking out there to fulfil us. When we don’t need it, we will attract it. When we relax, the snow globe clears and we see that central scene that the snowstorm of our thoughts have been hiding; we manifest what we want into our life experience.


Secret #2: Making peace with your ambition reveals your ideal life

But here’s the thing - firstly we must make peace with that neediness - and we all feel that way sometimes. In fact a positive way of describing neediness is to use the word ambition - which again means really wanting something you haven’t got, but it’s a positive-sounding word.

And so one of the first things I teach people is to be ok with where they are - even if it is so far from where they think they want to be. Being ok with what isn’t really ok seems counterintuitive and like it’s almost going to take you the wrong way. But it won’t. It is predominantly our own fight against where we are and against our self that is causing the most problems. So my advice is to relax into wherever you are. We’ve heard that before - but in this workshop I will show you how to do this using an effective new approach. When you make peace with the snow in the snowglobe, you reveal your ideal life. In fact one of the best ways to get rid of something you don’t want is to accept it just as it is.

There’s a Law of Attraction myth that the way to create what you want is to be happy all the time. Even if this were possible, it’s missing a major part of the story. Read any biography of a successful person and you will see a life full of challenges. Challenges are an inevitable part of life; they are like the weights at the gym that bring us what we want. And they are to be embraced, not resisted. Making peace with our challenges is key.


Secret #3: Self-love is essential, because Life reflects how you feel about yourself

Loving the self is key when working with the Law of Attraction. It’s surprising how many people are working on manifesting or “raising their vibration” and yet they don’t love themselves. Once people learn to love themselves, the Law of Attraction takes care of everything else.

Another thing people do is always put others first, almost forgetting that they too are a person. But we’ve hear that we are to love thy neighbour as thyself: They say you can’t love others properly until you love yourself and it’s true. In my workshop, I will share ways for you to love and appreciate who you are.


Making the Law of Attraction work

For years I couldn’t make the Law of Attraction or similar self help principles work in my life. I worked so hard trying to create a better life for myself - but it wasn’t working. Book after book and workshop after workshop, and little changed. A lot of the self-help world made me cringe, and I know I wasn’t the only one. Like the Wizard of Oz, I had met some of the biggest names in the field at the time and in private they were struggling just as much as I was. It was disappointing to say the least.

I did meet some helpful teachers though - Esther Hicks (Abraham) being one of them, who proved to be an important mentor at the beginning of my journey, encouraging me to be the teacher I am today.

However, despite this prediction, I still struggled to apply the material. Do I speak affirmations about what I want, or live in the now - and how do I do that? Do I appreciate what I have or visualise my dream life? What’s the best way to love and appreciate myself? And how can I deal with those intense emotions when I go into negative thinking - and it feels like nothing will work to soothe me? I asked these same questions that I hear all the time today. And so I continued my research; going on to facilitate groups where people would get together and we would find out what was working and what wasn’t. From this study, I created a powerful and practical system and the results have been amazing. Through word of mouth, my work quickly became in-demand for those ready to start living their best life and make the Law of Attraction work for them. And now, it’s next-level.


Secrets of Abundance: Practical teachings for more wealth, health and happiness is happening on Monday  27th May, 11am - 1pm. For more information and to book your place visit: