So You Want To Become More Psychic? by Marc JB

So You Want To Become More Psychic?

by Marc JB

If you really want to become more psychic, here are some great ideas to help you on your way.

Being psychic is simply having a connection with spirit and being sensitive enough to hear, see or feel the message. The good news, and you may breathe a sigh of relief, is that YOU are already psychic! You are already picking up information from intuition, gut feeling, inspirational thoughts, daydreams and dreams. Spirit loves to help guide us in the right direction and uses these avenues to inspire us. Once we discern where the messages are coming from, we find out that the journey of becoming psychic already started long ago.

Before doing any of this development work, centre yourself, use a grounding technique and set a protective space. ‘I ask my guides to only allow energy though for my absolute highest good.’

By the very fact that you are reading this article means there is already an intention in place to be receptive and interested. Intention and will are the keys to manifesting our reality. So firstly set a simple intention of becoming more psychic. Be mindful of the words you use to set your intention. Here are some common mistakes. If you say, ‘I want to become more psychic’, then you will always be wanting and never actually get there. If you say, ‘I’m going to be psychic’, this is no good either as you are always looking to the future. A good way to set an intention is to see every present moment taking you there. Everything that happens to you during the day, no matter how mundane, loving or fearful, is evolving you. You are changing constantly. So harness the power of an intention in the ever-changing present moment. You can say, ‘Everything that I do is making me more psychic. I am becoming more psychic in every moment. I am in the process of becoming a powerful psychic.’ Then feel a sense of excitement and joy about this happening. This adds a charge to the situation. Another powerful tool here is to feel gratitude for everything making this happen. ‘I feel gratitude to myself, spirit, Mother Earth, for life’s lessons’. An uplifting feeling and gratitude will supercharge that intention.

Now we move onto the next stage, becoming a clear channel for spirit. Imagine you are like a television aerial, the energy of your body vibrates as you pickup incoming information from Spirit. That energy needs to freely resonate within you so you can sense it. The clearer your energy, the bigger the vibration, the more sensitive you become, the better you can tune into spirit information. To get clear energy, we need to work on the mind and body.

Limiting beliefs are a block to tuning into spirit. The mind can be hard wired to close out incoming information with beliefs like:

-I am not worthy of this

-Psychic people are cool and powerful and I don’t deserve to be one of them

-Spirits don’t want to talk with me, I’m not interesting enough

-I can’t do this because I fail trying

-This will put me in a vulnerable position, it makes me scared

Beliefs are a whole book in themselves but to transform them, here are a couple of tools to get going. Meditation/mindfulness is a powerful way to relax the brain and allow those hardwired circuits to soften. When we are in fight or flight mode, the brain is hardened rather like butter in a freezer. Meditate to relax into those brain circuits, allow them the freedom to change so you can be the best version of yourself. When you have found a limiting belief, shut your eyes and tune into the emotional feeling it gives you. When was the first time you got that feeling? See if you can chase it back into your past to an event or circumstances that created that belief. Know that everyone is living through their fear and forgive them. Forgive yourself for having put yourself through this misery. Let the belief become positive. For example, ‘I am not good enough’, could become, ‘I love myself and the world, in return the world loves me back, I am worthy of all wonderful things.’

he body is your aerial to pick up the spiritual signal. Energy blocks, misalignment and weakness all dampen that signal. Here are some good ways to help get your energy all singing and dancing!

-If you have physical ailments, they are a sign of an underlying energy problem, which could be caused by a limiting belief, value or painful memory or situation. Seek healing from an energy work therapist to help you back to health.

-Trauma gets stuck in the body. We have trauma as far back as the womb stuck in our body. Get some trauma release bodywork to help move this on.

-Honour your body and keep healthy. Try yoga, pilates, walking or even simple pranayama breathing exercises to revitalise your beautiful body.

-Eat well. A heavy processed diet will dampen the information. Every 7 years we build ourselves a new body, make an intention to build one from mindfully sourced and nutritious food and drink.

-Sound baths like gong and crystal bowl are an amazing way to blast old, unneeded energy out of your body.

Now you have a clear mind, a clear body. Now the work is easy peasy. The great news is that you have a team of spirit helpers who walk with you. They help guide you through life and it can be very difficult for them to get through a message. I tell you that right now, they are jumping up and down with joy as finally they are going to be able to get clear messages directly through to you. From personal experience, I found a good place to start is to ask the main guide to step forward and communicate with you. You may feel that you want to connect to a guardian angel instead. There are some great techniques for connecting with your guides. Here is one to get you started.

-Sit comfortably and relax, take 3 deep breaths.

-Ground and protect. Set the intention, ‘I enter into this meditation allowing only energy though for my highest good’.

-Imagine you are in a beautiful meadow full of summer flowers. This is your ‘grove’, a protected psychic space you can go to in your imagination.

-Reach down and feel the dew shimmering on the grass, listen to the bird song and feel the gentle breeze caress your cheek.

-Next to your meadow is a mountain, there are 20 steps going up this mountain. Climb the steps counting them mindfully. As you count them, know your energy vibration is getting higher. Feel the cool, gentle surface of the steps on your feet.

-At the top is a plateau overlooking the meadow. At the side of the plateau is the most beautiful, iridescent rainbow. See the brightness and joy in the colours one by one.

-This rainbow bridge is the connection between Earth and Spirit. Stand on the plateau in front of the rainbow bridge. Don’t cross this bridge, stay on the plateau.

-Invite your main guide to come towards you over the bridge and stand in front of you, dazzling rainbow at their feet. They are happy to see you and have a wise and calm presence. You feel safe and protected.

-Still your mind and allow thoughts, sounds, words, feelings, images, symbols to gently come into your awareness. If you have some questions, you can ask them and you may have a conversation. If there is no communication, this is fine as it is meant to be. Try to keep your mind out of the way from making judgments.

-When you feel that the communication is drawing to an end, thank your guide for being present at the rainbow bridge and for all their guidance in your life. They will move away and out of sight.

-Move back to the 20 steps and walk down them, count them one by one to bring your energy vibration back down.

-Stand in the meadow, imagine kneeling and putting your forehead on the grass to connect with the earth to ground.

-Bring yourself out of the meditation gently.

By clearing mind and body, spirit can communicate with you in a more direct fashion. You will find yourself becoming more aware of communications in your intuition, gut feeling, inspirational thoughts, daydreams and dreams. A reality shift happens when we see things around us as metaphors for life, sign posts leading the way. Life becomes a living communion with spirit.

This is good work if you are feeling strong of mind and in a good space. If you are feeling mentally or physically compromised, for example, on drugs for depression, vulnerable or even tired, wait until you are feeling strong and focused to start this beautiful work. It’s important to honour yourself and go easy. If you are having experiences with psychic attack, there are methods to protect yourself. There are many good books with this information. Also there are professionals who can advise you in these matters.

Psychic information comes through energy gateways, and here is the secret to unlock the gateways. Energy gateways are unlocked not by a code or a spell, they are unlocked by qualities like authenticity, love, clarity, gratitude, inner harmony, kindness, truth, compassion, discernment, humility and integrity. Each gateway requires a different combination of these aspects to open. Once we embody qualities at or above a certain frequency, the gateway will open and allow the information to flow—your psychic gifts become available to you.

Becoming more psychic is all about tuning into your higher purpose. Once we become great receivers for spirit, we embody the very essence of spirit here in our daily lives, we become spirit walking on earth, manifesting as spirit on earth. The mundane becomes sacred, the fear becomes transformed. Start by connecting with the sprit within your self. This is your gateway to connecting psychically to so much more. You will never have to try, it will just happen, trust in spirit.

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Thanks for reading!
Align to love, truth, spirit.

Marc x