Soothe Your Emotional Storms & Create The Life You Want By Michael James

Soothe your emotional storms… and create the life you want 

Are you tired of those workshops promising you everything in “three easy steps”? I know I was - and that’s one of the reasons I’m happy to be presenting at this year’s Birmingham Mind Body Spirit Festival: to share something different to what you've heard before.

Dealing with strong emotions and overthinking

I know all about that thing called an artist’s temperament. Someone who has a tendency to overanalyse and overthink everything. Highly creative with a self-destructive edge. Do you relate?

On my journey, in my desperation to find an answer to my intense overthinking and the subsequent anxiety and depression - and using my skills as a journalist - I got close to some of my favourite self help authors of the time, looking for answers. Although I got some good ideas - my tendencies remained. And so this was what led me on my pathway of research and years later, to create my book Lighthouse - as there was nothing out there strong enough to hold me when I went into these storms of intense emotions - those very emotions that I was told were a gift but certainly didn’t feel that way.

The gift of intensity and the creative personality

There is nothing wrong with intensity - in fact it’s brilliantly bright and powerful, like a star. Both intensity where our minds are clear - and also the intense resistance when we are caught in overthinking, evolving our lives for the better much like a hard resistance training session at the gym. (Though it doesn’t always feel such a good thing at the time).

This is why the creatives - including a high proportion of those literally called “stars” of the world in show business - embody such power and presence in addition to suffering the dark times. And yet there are great benefits in the “dark times” - and yet most people don’t know how to deal with them; they don’t understand what I am going to share with you - and so their great minds turn against them.

This isn’t to say that my workshop is going to be all about intensity, or the dark times; the shadows of life. But the thing is, we don’t need personal development when we’re in a good mood and when we’re in a bad mood - most “love and light” teachings are not strong enough to guide us through the storms of life. So what I am going to share with you is a necessary first level before creating the life you want.

The freedom to be

When we give ourselves the freedom to experience our life just as it is and our emotions just as they are, then we can make changes. This is self love and self-acceptance. Self-love isn’t just trying to love yourself - it’s being ok with all of you, including your self-hatred and the times you are being anything but loving. Being ok when you are being loving - and also being ok when you’re not. Both aspects are a necessary part of the evolution of life. And more will be explained in my workshop.

Sometimes the New Age can get very controlling of it’s demand that everything is “love and light”. It’s a nice idea but it’s not practical - and makes people feel ashamed when they go into emotions such as fear, anger, rage or regret - those emotions we are prone to resist and judge - and yet we all experience. What we resist, persists - and so acceptance is the way through the storms, not denial.

A new perspective

I love teaching this work, with a focus on the storms and the shadows. There’s nothing wrong with these parts of life, in fact there is great beauty and power in them when you shift your perspective. Imagine a lightening storm, terrifying in the wrong mood but mesmerising and beautiful if you see it in a different way.

What’s more is there is no avoiding them. Although certain “spiritual” teachings suggest we can somehow stay freeze-framed in a controlled comfort zone - we can’t - and neither would we want to. This would be stagnant and boring.

I have come up with a way to deal with these emotions - and I will share it with you, for starters, in my talk and workshop this November in Birmingham.

Through my research, I’ve created a way that will soothe you no matter how you are feeling. And from that place of calm, you can then (and only then) begin to create the life you want. My aim is that you’ll leave the workshop with a new understanding and a new enthusiasm about life - with tools to turn the theory into practical results.


Michael James presents his workshop LIGHTHOUSE: Navigate your way to improved relationships, wealth, health, confidence and more at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Birmingham this November. Find out more here

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