The Power of Yoga by Ravi Dixit


A regular yoga practice can help us feel balanced in modern life. Whatever happens in the body affects your mind, whatever you’re thinking right now affects the way you breathe and your breath affects how your body feels. The energy of Yoga can harmonize the mind and body. A simple practice of asana can re-align your body and through pranayama your mind will become clear and focused. It creates a union between you and you. Keep practicing Yoga and many things will become more simple. 



When you practice Yoga asana with gratitude and focus inside, the asana becomes more than a posture; it becomes a moving meditation. It’s very subtle, but you will start to feel a change, you’ll become more fearless and will feel the light within yourself. Yoga is not about the perfect pose, it’s about getting to know yourself. 



Yoga, like life, is about balance. When we speak of balance in traditional yoga, it’s not just about balancing poses, it’s about a balance of energy. In ‘Hatha Yoga’, the word Hatha refers to the balancing of opposites.’Ha ‘is the sun, or masculine energy and ‘Tha’ is the moon, or feminine energy. The intent of Hatha Yoga is to balance the opposites within each person.  

To me, balancing is an art that is always with you, it is inside yourself. You just have to explore and once you find that place of stillness, that is where you feel the Divine. That is where you find your balance. 



There is a current misconception that you have to be flexible to do Yoga. With the many perfect Yoga poses on Instagram it’s easy to believe you need a flexible body to be able to practice Yoga. The reality is that Yoga is for everyone. Nowhere in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali is says anything about flexibility in asanas. Yoga is not about the perfect pose, it’s about your own practice and the connection with yourself. All you need is a flexible mind and a willingness to practice and the rest will come naturally. 



Breath. It’s the one thing we cannot live without. Breathing is the most vital process in the body. Our breath is directly connected to our thoughts and emotions. Whatever you’re thinking right now affects how your body feels and whatever is happening in your body affects your mind. When you’re scared or anxious, your breath changes, it becomes more short and shallow. When you’re happy and calm, you naturally breathe deeper. 

Daily stress and tensions create physical and energetic obstacles in our bodies. Without even noticing it, our breath becomes gradually more shallow, we develop breathing patterns restricting the flow or breath and prana. 

There are many Pranayama techniques that can help regulate and optimise the breath and re-energize the body and calm the mind. 


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