Top Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Top Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle by Jenna Hope

In more recent years the perceptions of leading a healthy lifestyle have become more extreme and elite. However, in reality no-one is perfect and we don’t all have hours to spend in the kitchen or unlimited funds to get our sweat on at London’s finest boutique gyms. So for us normal folk sometimes leading a healthy lifestyle can appear to be a little over whelming. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean shredding your body into 6-pack mode or living off green juices but what exactly does it mean and how can we do it? In this article I’m sharing my top tips. There’s no obligation to tackle them all at once; start small and build up. 

Water: This may seem simple but ensuring that you’re hydrated can contribute to brain focus, energy levels and weight maintenance. We often confuse our thirst and hunger signals and we end up over-eating in order to satisfy thirst. I recommend keeping a bottle of water with you at all times and sipping it throughout the day. Aim for 2L a day where possible but start small and work your way up. 

Fruit and vegetables: Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet (in their whole form where possible) to ensure you’re gaining a range of nutrients. I recommend starting by adding one extra portion to every meal. No-one’s asking you to eat boiled peas! Try experimenting with your veggies by roasted them, spiralizing them and even making them into a pizza base. 

Don’t deprive yourself: This is a key; most people work better when they know they’re allowed to have something if they want it. The important factor here is understanding when you actually really want that slice of cake and when you’re just tempted by environmental cues or boredom. There’s no harm in having dessert every now and again but just be careful these occasions don’t occur too frequently. 

Take the stairs: Move your body. Exercise contributes to a reduced risk in numerous diseases, weight management, productivity, positivity and energy. Try and incorporate some exercise classes, home workouts or even walks into your routine. I’d also always recommend you take the stairs where possible. You’ll quickly see improvements in your fitness. 

Reduce the sugar: Be aware of hidden sugars in sauces, yoghurts, granola bars, ‘healthy waters’ and even pre-packaged soups. They really are hidden everywhere. A high sugar intake can contribute to lethargy, disease risk, diabetes risk, reduced brain function and weight gain. I’d also recommend you cut out the added sugar in your tea and coffee. Start by halving the amount and slowly quartering until you no longer require that sweetness. Your taste buds quickly change to accommodate this. 

Look after your gut: Gut health has been linked to digestion, brain function and skin. Try adding some fermented foods into your diet to support your gut. I recommend foods such as kefir, saukraut, kimchii and kombucha. These foods are easily available in most supermarkets. 

Snack smart: Snacks high in sugar play havoc to your blood glucose and energy levels. Opt for protein/ fat rich snacks to keep you satisfied for longer. Boiled eggs, olives, nuts and hummus and crudites are great options to prevent those dips. 

There you have it a few simple tips to get you started... It really isn’t complicated. These tips can easily be incorporated into your daily life and you’ll notice changes quickly.

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