What is it? This intriguing ‘Light’ energy that’s felt and described by so many as messages or the presence of ‘angels’? by Peter Stanford & Chrissie Astell

Part 1 by Peter Stanford

It was Lorna Byrne who made me take angels seriously. I’d grown up with them as part of the furniture in my Catholic home in Liverpool. “Angel of God, / My guardian dear, / To whom his love commits me here, ” we would pray at bedtime, “Ever this night be at my side, / To light and guard, / To rule and guide.” 

But as an adult I had been so busy discarding the things I once took for granted that I couldn’t quite remember why I had done it. Until, that is, I was sent  - as a feature writer on the Daily Telegraph – to interview Lorna Byrne a few years back about her best-selling book, Angels in My Hair.

I was the one meant to be asking the questions, but Lorna’s simple, straightforward, unfailingly sincere answers set me thinking back to the angels of my youth, and what place angels had in my life now.  It launched me on a journey, researching and reflecting on how people had turned to angels since time immemorial, and collecting individual stories that illuminated a bigger truth.

Like that of the actress Carey Mulligan. She is among the 1 in 3 of us who – social surveys reveal - still trust in guardian angels in an age where most people no longer go to church. When appearing recently in London in her one-woman play Girls & Boys, Carey suffered debilitating panic attacks about being alone on stage until an artist friend banished her anxiety by decorating her dressing room with pictures of her in front of the audience with an angel on her shoulder. She no longer felt afraid when she stepped out into the spotlight, she said.

Then there was Hillary Clinton. The former US presidential candidate confessed to wearing a brooch with angel wings “on the days when I need help” - of which there must have been plenty. 

Out of that journey into my own past, and that of countless generations before our own, has come a book – Angels: A Visible and Invisible History, published this March by Hodder. As a result, I’ve been talking about angels at books’ festivals these past weeks, and hearing many more stories of angels from the audiences I’ve met there.  But I am particularly excited about the opportunity to work with Chrissie Astell on a workshop at the Mind Body Spirit Festival. This is going to be a shared journey of exploration – not just for Chrissie and me, but for everyone in the room, a chance for those who want it to talk frankly and fearlessly about their own experiences of angels among people who want to hear what they have to say.  And who may well recognise what they are describing.  I am going to contribute some historical and emotional context to the mix – climbing up and down Jacob’s Ladder in the process – while Chrissie will….well I’m going to hand over to her and let her tell you for herself….


Part 2 by Chrissie Astell 

What is it? This intriguing ‘Light’ energy that’s felt and described by so many as messages or the presence of ‘angels’?

My mother worked with angelic beings (and Ascended Masters) and my father was a mystic and healer … but they didn’t stay together and neither of them brought me up. Yet, I’ve been guided by angels all my life.  But it wasn’t until 1997, following a massive life-changing event (called divorce) and angelic visitation (powerful and real) that I changed direction from the mundane to the extra-ordinary and dedicated my life to empowering and enabling others to develop a stronger connection for themselves. Through following a path that took me away from family, part-time nursing and running a transport company in London’s east end with my former husband I moved into further education, running workshops and joining spiritual organisations. I’ve found a way of communicating on this earthly level and the higher mystical realms and bringing it to ground in very practical refreshingly simple ways that is both accessible and enlightening. I’ve been helped along the way, and it has been, so far, twenty-two years of fabulous experiences, very hard work at times and pure immeasurable joy!

I’m blessed to have met and worked with the most amazing people, who’ve told me their personal stories of how celestial helpers of all kinds, from ordinary folk who suddenly arrived from nowhere at the perfect time to help in a moment of need - to orbs of Light or shimmering visions. One of my earlier books Gifts from Angels is filled with real-life examples of how, when you need it most, angels appear in various guises. They can be called to heal, to protect, to guide, comfort, and lead you on a journey of self-discovery you may never had thought possible. When asked they will open doors, enable forgiveness and bring love into your life. All we as human beings have to do is believe, trust and follow our truth.

Are angels for everyone? I believe so.

Do we all have a ‘guardian angel’ You bet, at least one, probably three.

Do we have to be religious or devout? Nope, but some belief, however sceptical, in a Divine Source (call it what you will) goes hand in glove with a deeper connection.

Can we all communicate with them? Yes, when we learn how. I’ll show you in this talk.

Do we need to know their names? No. Though each angel’s name contains the Divine vibrational frequency of the energy you are needing at the time. So for example the name ‘Raphael’ contains the vibrational energy of healing.

Whether you are simply curious, a well-healed angel lover and avid angel book reader you’ll love some of the interesting facts, from Peter, and uplifting, deliciously relaxing guided visualisations and consciousness-raising meditations as examples of all of the above that I will share with you in this fun and inspiring workshop.

Tickets to the joint workshop Talking with Angels - who does, why, how and where; is on Monday 27th May at the London Wellbeing Festival. More information and tickets can be purchased here: http://bit.ly/2Urf4Xy