Paul McKenna - Chnage your life

Paul McKenna - Change your life

After a sold out edition in 2023 Paul and Steve return with two amazing days, with one relentless focus – how to condition your mindset for success!

Whether this is your first experience or you've been before each seminar offers a unique journey of growth. While the format remains familiar, the content continuously evolves, providing fresh insights tailored to your changing needs. Each event is a unique opportunity to learn or reinforce upon your previous experiences and learnings, ensuring you gain new, invaluable perspectives.

DAY ONE – Resilience, Motivation & Confidence

Mastering Your Emotions and Running Your Own Brain

You will learn how to control your mind-body states and discover how to amplify the positive ones and turn them on at will, increasing your confidence and motivation.

The Power of Perspective and Changing Beliefs

Learn how to change your perceptual filters to make you more resilient and resourceful and how to create empowering beliefs and a positive self-image. You will also learn NLP techniques for changing beliefs and behaviours.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Learn how to overcome mental blocks to release your personal brilliance and enable you to fulfil more of your true potential.

Overcoming anxiety and finding inner peace

Learn how to turn off anxieties, fear and stress and turn on peace using the latest psycho-sensory technique, Havening.

DAY TWO – Creating a Rich Mindset and a Compelling Future

The Success Mindset

Discover the secrets of how super-achievers think about the world and themselves, and how this can be applied to business, relationships, and life, making your world richer in every sense.

Discovering What You Truly Want and Creating a Compelling Future

Access your deepest values, design goals and create a compelling future. How to organize your thinking and behaviour to get the results you want in life.

The Rich Mindset

Learn the strategies of the super-rich and how to programme your mind to think abundantly and create more money.

The Secrets to Inner Happiness

Learn how to create inner happiness and peace. This final day will involve incorporating all you have learned in so far to create the life you want going forward.

"Learn how to overcome mental blocks to release your personal brilliance and enable you to fulfil more of your true potential."

Lara | 2023 Attendee

"This has changed my life... It's shifted me from where I’ve been stuck in the past and now I can look forward to the future without any limitations. "

Paul | Property Investor

"I really feel that Paul McKenna is the best of the best at what he does. I’ve done a lot of things - everything that you can think of - in terms of self-development and I can honestly say that I got more improvements with Paul McKenna than pretty much anything else."

Alan | Crypto Fund Manager

Event Details

Date(s) 5 - 6 October
Doors open: 09:30
Start: 10:00
Finish: 18:00

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Copthorne Tara Hotel, London


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