Hannah Wallace

Finding Grace - Navigating Adversity & Welcoming Healing

In this work Hannah weaves her story in order to highlight how healing occurs when we release resistance to the journey, stop controlling things and allow ourselves to stop being led by fixed expectations. A new way is formed, helping you to find a way to thrive beyond adversity and to find grace. We all, within our own life journey, have faced multiple challenges and triumphs. This workshop gives you the space to see you can look at things differently, and reclaim your power in a way that works for you.  Hannah shares how she navigated this through her own life, and is a beacon of inspiration showing how the biggest thing that is required on the journey is surrender and willingness. At the end of the workshop, Hannah will share a healing meditation journey to help you activate calm, healing and embodiment.

About Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace is a speaker, priestess, mentor, healer, disabled model and writer. She’s the host of the podcast finding grace where she interviews people on their journey to finding grace. Hannah helps guide people to find grace in their lives, whatever space they are in. Hannah also helps people understand their rhythms and cycles, empowering them to shift into making healing positive. Through her guidance, she helps people make sustainable changes in their lives, encouraging them to integrate their darkness and light, together.