Cate Mackenzie

Opening Your Heart - Opening To Love

Do you sometimes feel disconnected from yourself – as if there is not enough of you here? Do you ever feel you are not at home with you, in your heart, and that you cannot feel yourself? 

Would you like to go on a journey within to experience you and your dear heart, to feel all the love that wishes to flow through you, in you and with you? 

Rupture and repair is often a guarantee in life with ourselves and with others but if we know that we can come inside to repair and feel the flow of love, our system relaxes. As you know, we are in changing times and part of this transformation is to come home to you and the truth of you. The connection with your heart is the key to everything: it is the homecoming, the arriving and belonging you have always longed for. We have all been waiting for each of us to come in and love us. We are the ones we have been waiting for and now is our time –  the time of the great Golden Age of love and the heart. Although it is a simple journey, to live and be in our heart is is not always easy and we can forget how to do this. 

In this session you will be guided to connect with your heart, learn how to listen to your heart, communicate with love and connect with the difference of allowing the flow of energy through your heart.


You will: 

1 Go on a journey with your heart and connect with the flow of this

2 Share a communication method to go into your heart

3 Create a vision from your heart

4 Practice being with you, in your heart

5 Begin a practice to trust your heart and listen to it.

About Cate Mackenzie

Cate Mackenzie is a Sex and Relationship Therapist and Love Coach who has worked for the Mind Body Spirit Festival since 2003 and has taught in six countries worldwide. She was the Dating Coach for Channel 4's "The Undateables" and Couple Counsellor on Denise Van Outen and Eddie Boxshall's Podcast "Getting to I do" as well as being regularly featured on radio, TV, magazines and other media.  She regularly runs workshops and talks on love, sex, communication and the heart.