How to write a Power Wish with Keiko

Join Japan’s leading astrologer Keiko Ariizumi to learn how to write your own Power Wish. Keiko is the founder of Lunalogy, a groundbreaking method for attracting fortune using the en­ergy and the cycle of the Moon, and is the creator of the origi­nal manifestation technique she calls the Power Wish. Join her as she explains her unique Power Wish method as well as the best wishes to entrust to the Gemini New Moon on the 10th of June. The Gemini New Moon is a time for seizing opportunities and increasing variety in your life.  

About Keiko

Keiko is Japan’s leading astrologer and manifestation expert. Her mission is to help people around the world create the life they have always wanted. She has written more than twenty books about Lunalogy and the Power Wish Method, selling more than one million copies in Japan. Her easy?to?follow techniques and relatable advice have attracted legions of fans, including many Japanese celebrities and political figures, Marie Kondo among them, who are drawn to her spiritual yet practi­cal outlook. Keiko is now thrilled to bring— for the first time ever— the life-changing potential of Lunalogy and Power Wish to readers everywhere. The Power Wish is out now, published by Rider.

Visit Keiko online at, and follow @keikopowerwish on Instagram.