Sound Mediation - IO Project

This is an opportunity to reflect, to note experiences of the year gone by without dwelling on uncomfortable feelings, to shed any energy that no longer serves you and to set intentions for the year ahead.   As you lay down, covered with a blanket and with your headphones in, Sam will take you on a guided sound meditation using gongs, singing bowls, mantra & visualisation techniques: to help you let go, deeply relax, & enter into a deep meditative state. All you have to do is lie down, relax and let the sound wash over you. You’ll finish the session feeling centred, rested and at peace.


Note: To get the most out of this session we recommend using headphones as we use a very sensitive ASMR microphone. If you wish, you can also bring a comfortable pillow or lavender eye mask & bergamot essential oil are all recommended. Then get ready to just let it all go!

About Goldierocks

Sam, aka DJ Goldierocks, has spent the last decade travelling the world touring as a DJ & broadcaster and was very familiar with the need to seek balance. Throughout her career, she’s extensively researched & created a set of personal practices & routines that she finds restorative. In the search to bring back a sense of well-being and calm contentment in the face of burn out, a remedy to the grinding feeling of extensive travel, late nights, high tech use & high-pressured work circumstances, IO Project experiences are full of love, ritual and hippie good vibes with a contemporary attitude & delivery. They are accessible & meaningful to a sophisticated, urban, contemporary clientele. IO Project is the antidote to apathy… for adults who’ve forgotten how to play!

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