Simon Tandree

Qi Gong - Embodied Stillness

Over the course of this hour workshop Simon will guide you through the weird and wonderful world that is Spontaneous movement Qigong. Through the activation of your Lower Dantien (energy centre) your body will begin to shake and push out the pathogenic factors that cause stagnation and eventually disease in the body. Through different standing postures and sound work you will radically change your state, leaving you feeling light, energised and exhilarated.

About Simon Tandree

After years of exploring different healing modalities and body work Simon divides his time between teaching Qigong, to reset the body, Theta and Vortex energy healing, for emotional and psychological wellbeing and training budding Craniosacral therapists at the London College of Craniosacral Therapy.

His classical music background, involving years of touring and performing has honed his innate knowledge of the mental, emotional and physical stresses and strains associated with a demanding lifestyle.  Over the years, Simon’s work has taken him around the world, giving me insights into different people and cultures which has fuelled my desire to aid people in the search for healing, wholeness and feeling safe in their own bodies. 

Simon deeply trusts in everyone's innate capacity to heal themselves and is dedicated to creating the safety and trust needed for this to arise effortlessly in all.

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