10 Hot Tips To Create a Thriving Spiritual Business

New to the London Wellbeing Festival this year are #HigherSelfie duo Lucy Sheridan and Westwood, life coaches and Hay House authors with a contemporary approach to spirituality, interpreting age-old concepts with attitude, in a language that is accessible to, and connects deeply with today’s soul seeking reader and creator. Here are 10 hot tips to create a thriving spiritual business.

1. Remember nobody gets to skip the work

There is no such thing as an overnight success. At this exciting time in this burgeoning spiritual business scene it can seem like everyone is just ‘coming out of nowhere’ with their book deals, radio shows and sold out workshops. But the truth is every single person, brand and business that is enjoying success of any kind will have had to put in some late nights, long hours and followed through on strategic plans to reap the rewards. Be prepared for the longer game and enjoy the ride! There’s no evidence to suggest you’ll have it any easier or harder than anyone else so get your wellies on and do what it takes to meet your success half way. Independent accountants and plumbers don’t get to skip the work so why should tarot readers or yoga teachers?

2. Stay true to yourself and your own vision

It’s really exciting to commit to a spiritual way of doing business - whether that’s an approach in a traditionally non spiritual arena i.e. being mindful in your consultancy client meetings, or literally offering a spiritual product or service like Reiki healing. As time goes on you might start to look around at what other people are doing and become distracted from your own vision. It’s really important to be conscious of when that’s happening and refocus on your own goals so that you stay in flow and aligned with your own journey. If you don’t, you can easily get confused, compare and despair with what others are doing, try to model other people’s missions, go off track and get nowhere fast.

3. Prioritise actions of impact on your biz ‘to do’ list every day

There will always be emails to reply to, travel tickets to arrange and website changes to make. These things are easily ticked off your to-do list every day, and yet, they don’t always move you closer to your bigger dream. However be sure to do one thing in service of your greater purpose everyday that is truly magnetizing. It’s OK to feel a bit nervous, unsure and unready but that’s where you can call in the Universe for help #natch. So, send the email to that big brand to ask about collaboration, raise your rates, advertise for the PA you so badly need. Don’t put off taking the actions that will turn your plodding-along-politely-in-the-background spiritual business into a thriving one. There’s a difference between being busy and being productive.

4. Get a system

Your clients are looking to you to guide the process if they’re trusting you enough to invest in your products or services. So pay attention to and create a gorgeous client experience for them – let them know next steps, anticipate their questions, have them read and sign agreements and contracts. Your spiritual business will benefit from the structures and systems of any other business – make the client feel cared for and important because they are. Use the structures of ‘traditional’ business to create strong containers for you, your clients and your service providers. There’s nothing unspiritual about clear boundaries, mutual respect and responsibility.

5. Be honest with yourself about your investment

Qualifications, training, courses and seminars are all awesome. Not only do they help improve our skills, keep us up to date with best practice but they’re great networking opportunities too. More often than not they’re great investments in our business and ourselves. But, the next time you see an ‘early bird’ offer price in your inbox or social media feed ask yourself ‘will this accelerate or delay my own journey?’ Sometimes rather than sit in another classroom or conference we actually need to consolidate our learning by taking action and implementing what we already know. 12687899_583537851804208_3825641346417982128_n

6. Remember social media numbers don’t pay the bills

We know some amazing professional bloggers with six figure followings... That still live with their mum and dad. No judgment! We wanted to include this tip because having a big social media following is closely linked with modern day ‘success’. Having a strong social media presence may well be a by-product of a successful business but it’s not a guaranteed signifier of one. There are plenty of people out there who are enjoying the rewards of their real world success in relative privacy. Be careful of where your ego wants to take you in its quest for validation via likes, shares and double taps, before your core business objective - exchanging your products, services, skills and abilities for money – has been achieved.

7. Find your peeps and love them hard

We’re not talking about growing your list or filling conference rooms full of people. We mean a friendly support system to hold you accountable, that’s mutually supportive and will get you out of the house and speaking to other humans who get where you’re at. What the books and courses don’t tell you is that it can, at times, be lonely and isolating running a thriving spiritual business and if you’re not on good form and feeling supported, your business will suffer.

8. Find your peeps and love them hard #2

This time we are talking about your list! Growing a mailing list is an important strategic part of any successful modern business. It’s essential to have a way to stay in conversation with your clients when they’re not actually in your office / studio / workshop / online hub. Get really connected – in your heart - with the people on your list. There are humans on the other end of those numbers and email addresses. Always be thinking of ways to give value and good vibes through your consistent communication with your tribe. Be reliable. Even more, be reliably awesome.

9. Articulate your brand…

So that people know what you do and what the benefit is to them. These days people are looking for a brand experience on and offline. That means people – your clients - expect good quality design, consistent messaging, correct spelling, a modern, clean, easy to use good looking website and so on. A confused mind always says no, so take the time to do your research, step out of your own subjectivity and find out what people find most interesting and appealing about what you do, in their own language. We can make a lot of assumptions about people’s understandings of our areas of specialism and it’s important we make it easy for people to know, like and trust us and our products and services. So, for example, describing what you do as simply ‘Reiki practitioner’ ignores the healing, energetic management and emotional wellbeing benefits, which are ultimately what you’re delivering. That can make the difference between people choosing you over another specialist.

10. Ask

You might be psychic but the media, your dream clients and investors probably aren’t. If you need support, have an idea or see an opportunity then ask for what you want – with love, grace and zero entitlement. You’ll be surprised how many people want to support you and lift you up if you’d only pose the question. Even if you don’t quite get the answer you’d hoped for the simple action of asking will show the Universe that you’re serious, you’re open for business and ready for opportunities. Keep asking! Come and meet #HigherSelfie at the London Wellbeing Festival on Sunday 1st May at their two hour workshop ''Don't Wait For It Create It''. Buy tickets. For the full workshop schedule visit our website. Book tickets for the festival and download the festival programme to find out who’s on, what’s on and when.