A 10 step introduction to Dragons - Diana Cooper

Diana CooperMind Body Spirit presenter Diana Cooper shares how to connect and meet with with your dragon and how we can work with dragons to serve the planet.

Who are the dragons?

1. Dragons are elementals, in other words they do not have all four elements in their make-up. They can be fire, earth, air or water dragons or a mixture of three of these. 2. They originated in Lemuria, the Golden Age before Atlantis, and helped to build the structure of Atlantis. 3. They operate on a different vibrational frequency from us which is why most people can’t see them. However they are very willing to connect to you if you are ready to tune into their wavelength. Diana Cooper

How can they help you?

4. Dragons have huge hearts and are very wise. They want to be your companion and protector. 5. They can physically clear lower energies around you and are particularly effective at travelling with you at night if you go through the astral realms.This means they can burn up frightening emotional memories so that you do not experience them as nightmares. This is particularly helpful for children.

Do you have your own dragon?

6. Yes you have your own dragon. In the golden era of Atlantis everyone was in touch with their dragon and now they are returning again en masse to help us. By connecting with yours you can have a friend for life. 7. Your dragon is usually the same element as your own birth sign. If you are a Fire sign, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you will definitely have a fire dragon. If you are an Earth sign, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn you will probably have an Earth dragon. If you are an Air sign, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius you will probably have an Air dragon and if you are a Water sign, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, you will probably have a Water dragon. However if your soul mission needs it, you will have a Fire dragon. For example I am an Earth sign, Virgo, and I have a Fire dragon called Douglas. Diana Cooper

What kinds of dragons are there?

8. At the fall of Atlantis the fourth dimensional dragons were offered ascension to the fifth dimension. These great hearted creatures declined this opportunity because they knew humanity would need their help now, during this incredible period between 2012 and 2032. They wanted to help us through this double dimensional shift from the third to the fifth dimension. In 2012 many fourth dimensional dragons poured through the opening portals of Lemuria, Honolulu and Andorra to help us. 9. There were many fifth dimensional dragons serving the planet during Atlantis and they withdrew to the inner planes until 2015. Then they started to trickle in to assist us at a much higher level. There are wonderful Violet dragons who work with the Violet Flame energies to transmute and clear dark areas or people. The golden Christed dragons will support your ascension and protect your meditations and ceremonies. Quan Yin’s beautiful pink dragons carry the power of transcendent love and will burn away all that stops love from flowing and growing. Black dragons of the divine feminine nurture your dreams and great ideas.

How can you work with dragons to serve the planet?

10. You can call in any kind of dragon and send them into dense areas to clear the energies. This is particularly effective if you direct them to places where the vibration is too low for angels to reach. After this you can ask the pure white seventh to ninth dimensional unicorns to pour in light and illumination.

Visualisation to meet your dragon

1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. 2. Close your eyes, let your eyelids feel heavy and relax. 3. Breathe into your heart and feel it opening, then mentally invite your dragon to come to you. 4. You have a sense of your dragon approaching. Is it small, medium sized or very big? 5. As it gets nearer you can see what colour it is. It may be more than one colour. 6. Is it breathing fire? Or floating through the air? Or swimming towards you? Or is it plodding along the ground? 7. You can see that its heart is wide open and radiating love. Feel your heart open even wider. 8. Sense a beam of light to flow from your heart chakra and join with that of the dragon. Feel the union between you as your energies connect. 9. He whispers his name to you and you share your name. 10. Tell the dragon anything that you wish from the centre of your heart. Be truthful, loving and honest. Dragons have infinite wisdom. 11. He listens intently. 12. He may reply or he may stay silent, sitting quietly beside you. 13. You know that a response or solution or help is on its way. 14. Thank your dragon and know you have made a powerful new connection. Diana Cooper works with dragons, angels and unicorns. Her latest book is The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery. Come along to Diana's workshop at the Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival on Sunday 1st of May from 11am - 3pm www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk/london/workshops. For the full workshop schedule visit our website. Book tickets for the festival and download the festival programme to find out who’s on, what’s on and when.