Orgasmic Meditation - A Path of Consciousness


RachelNew to the London Wellbeing Festival this year Rachel Tayeb, a decade long practitioner of Orgasmic Meditation, talks about the path of orgasm and how you can fuel your life with the most potent energy on the planet.

Hi, my name is Rachel and I OM, that is, I practice Orgasmic Meditation and I have been doing so for over a decade. Orgasmic Meditation is a fifteen minute partnered consciousness practice where a person strokes a woman’s clitoris in a deliberate manner, with no other goal than to feel. I came to this practice shortly after being diagnosed with anorgasmia. I had what you may have consider a good life, a decent job, a flat, a dog and a caring boyfriend. Yet, my body was not a pleasurable place to be. The diagnosis was just another token added to the pile; the world felt extremely jarring, therefore, I had limited my existence to the very few spaces where I felt safe. One day a yoga teacher told me about Orgasmic Meditation and without any warning I got what would be my very first experience of Orgasm manifesting fully in my body: I broke down into massive hives right there and then. By now you are probably confidently guessing that by Orgasm I don’t mean climax, so let me tell you more about it: • Orgasm encloses the entire experience of our bodies igniting. • Examples of our body igniting are: tiny electric tingles in our toes, heartbeats racing warm pulses to our faces, expansive peaks in our genitals and valleys of stillness where charged honey blankets envelope our bodies. • Orgasm 2.0, as we practitioners of Orgasmic Meditation like to call it, is a limitless experience where what our bodies feel is truth. • In the vast space of Orgasm 2.0, there are no patterns that must be followed. As I observed my body peppered with round, red weals I felt that truth; even though I could not put into words what was happening, I felt it, I felt what my body was trying to communicate and I followed it. I left behind my tiny mediocre life and I followed Orgasm; I moved across the country to learn the practice and fully immerse myself in the journey of getting back into my body and navigating my very own Orgasm. Fast forward ten years and I am here writing to you about the possibilities. I am addressing directly your Orgasm with the hopes you recognise it in yourself. First, let’s start with some important points: • Sexual impulse is the most powerful fuel on the planet and this most basic human instinct drives both individual and collective change. • The challenge to date is that sexual energy is highly volatile, not unlike nuclear energy. • What we, practitioners of Orgasmic Meditation, have discovered; is that when this energy is harnessed in the context of a practice, you can use it safely and get sustainable results. • Our practice has a well-defined container which allows repeatability; yet by no means the practice evolves to be predictable. • Our attention gets cultivated each time we practice and instead of adding up extras, we start noticing and feeling the infinite nuances that each stroke opens. 1 the path One important thing I’d like to highlight is that the Path of Orgasm is a blue collar consciousness path. As I mentioned earlier, there is a container for Orgasmic Meditation; however, there are not skyscrapers of abstractions built on top of that. Orgasmic Meditation is about our bodies and feeling them and in the process of feeling our bodies, exploring the full potential inherent in the human condition. Orgasm is the nutrient that feeds the process of our consciousness evolution. Since Orgasmic Meditation is a partnered practice, this evolution is no longer an isolated process accessible to selected few. Awakening becomes a rewarding and connected experience driven by our bodies, not our minds. Nonetheless, the path of Orgasm is not a path which ignores or culls darkness; on the contrary, Orgasm sheds light on our shadow and reveals how our perfection integrates shame, insecurities, and the past. A path of consciousness powered by Orgasm continuously unfolds an invitation to play and transmute, to rediscover and forgive ourselves, to drop dynamics and ideas that no longer serve us, to recover from disconnection and lay the foundation of our own power. My prayer is that you experience Orgasmic Meditation for yourself, as my words are only to inspire you to do so, not to convince you about anything. My prayer is that the whisper of the whisper this time is louder and you can hear it. My prayer is that your Orgasm hears that call and awakens in you the desire to play an infinite game where there are no losers. Come along and try OM yourself at the London Wellbeing Festival on Saturday 30th April at Rachel's Orgasmic Meditation workshop from 10.45am - 12.30pm. Buy tickets. For the full workshop schedule visit our website. Book tickets for the festival and download the festival programme to find out who’s on, what’s on and when.